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ListingBidder’s FREE Real Estate Commission Platform! – Negotiating Realtor Fees

January 13, 2016

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ListingBidder.com, is a FREE real estate commission and Realtor fee bid platform…

ListingBidder.com is a free platform for Sellers who want to sell real property and find a local Realtor at a lower commission rate.  This platform allows Sellers to anonymously interview multiple local Realtors and watch the Realtors bid down their real estate commission rate to list their property.

At ListingBidder.com, there are NO FEES to the Seller and the Seller has no obligation to sell their property. The Seller is under NO obligation to pick the lowest bid or any bid. The Seller can even anonymously invite commission  real estate agents they know to bid.

ListingBidder.com protects the privacy of its Sellers. The street address of the property is never published. It is a private bidding experience.

ListingBidder.com works for residential, commercial and undeveloped land properties. Most people don't realize that Realtor commissions are NEGOTIABLE, but does anyone like to negotiate fees? It's uncomfortable! 7 out of 10 Sellers talk to only one Realtor, and most accept the standard rate of 6 or 7%. But look how much you could save on a $450,000 home if the commission was bid down by only 1%...$450,000 x 1% = $4,500!!!

How are you going to pick your next Realtor? Maybe your neighbor is a Realtor, or maybe your sister-in-law, or even an office mate. But, do you really want to be pressured into choosing a Realtor without looking at all your options?

At ListingBidder.com, you can easily get Realtor Bids showing the Realtor fees for selling a house while protecting your privacy and avoiding just any Realtor knocking on your door. The bidding experience lasts only one week and you get to review local Realtors’ ratings, reviews, marketing plans, Broker’s brochure, and Realtor commission fees all while keeping your privacy.

To get started, register as a Seller on ListingBidder.com. When you are ready, post a few details about your Property (we will keep your street address hidden), and invite local Realtors to make a commission based bid to get your business. You can even invite more Realtors to bid after the auction has begun.

Concerned about Seller Realtor fees and the commission rate for selling a house?  Why not get started?  Local Realtors are waiting. Register NOW and save time and money with ListingBidder.com today and let us see if we can get you the lowest realtor fees!!!



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