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LB 4.0 is here!

June 15, 2016

ListingBidder new 4.0 Platform is Here!

The new LB 4.0 platform is here, making it a better experience for both Sellers and Realtors! Seller's are asked if they are ready to list their property NOW and Agents are pitching their marketing plan and commission fee based on a blind bid proposal. Agents no longer are bidding against one another but rather submitting their marketing services at a competitive commission rate. It is a WIN-WIN. The new platform limits the experience to very qualified local realtors who have high recommendations within the industry. Agents have access to ‪#‎bedrooms‬, ‪#‎bathrooms‬, approx. sqft., and estimated value, to help them submit a more realistic marketing plan geared toward the property. It is just a better experience overall. Check it out: https://ListingBidder.com/

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