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How Realtors Find More Listings!

January 22, 2016

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How Do Realtors Find More Listings?


An easy, fun way for Realtors and commission real estate agents to find more local listings is here!  Auctions are currently in progress across North America.  To participate, a Realtor must register and wait to be invited to a local property listing auction.  Once invited you will receive an email notification.  All notifications are sent through our email platform and it is important for Real Estate Agents to check their inbox.  Some Agents are missing out on an opportunity to submit a proposal.  Sellers like to privately review proposals and can invite an Agent to submit their Realtor Seller fees at any time.  Note: Sellers don't always take the lowest realtor fees in the selection of their Realtor but the real estate commission fee is important.

Go to ListingBidder.com today and register.  More bids = More Business for YOU!

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