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"Find a Real Estate Agent near me"

April 9, 2018

Robert Hulet

April 9, 2018

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Find a Real Estate Agent Near Me

One of the most common questions in the real estate industry is "How do I find a Realtor near me?".  Obviously, there are many online sources that will answer that question for you, but more importantly, once you have your list of local real estate agents, how do you narrow it down to that one fabulous agent that will get the job done? The following is a list of concerns you should check off:

1) Are they highly-recommended?

2) Do they have great reviews?

3) Are they highly-qualified and experienced (seasoned)?

4) Do they know your neighborhood?

5) Are they a full-service agent or do they just simply want to list your property?

6) What is their realtor commission rate?...What is the real estate agent's commission fee for selling your home?

7) Are they negotiable on their real estate commission rate?

We Get the Answers to These Questions for You

All great questions and sometimes it is difficult to get the straight answer directly from an agent.  That is when a free third party service comes in handy.  At ListingBidder.com, we only source Broker/Agents who are at the top of their game and meet all these qualifications so you don't have to work through your list.  And, even better, you are guaranteed not to pay the standard real estate commission rate of 6%.  We let the top 5% agents bid for your business.

Realtor Commission Rate

Although we can not guarantee you what realtor commission rate you will pay, be sure that it will be discounted.  Our reputation stands behind that promise!  Real estate commission rates do vary throughout the U.S. and Canada depending on competition, locale, price of the home, etc.  But what better way than to let the free-market speak.  There is no need to pay any more real estate agent commission fees than necessary.

We Have Already Vetted the List of Highly-Recommended Full-Service Realtors

We have over a thousand highly-qualified, highly-recommended, highly-rated, local, full-service Realtors ready to bid on real estate listings across North America.  These Broker/Agents have been vetted directly by our staff.  We know they will help you sell your home quickly and for less.  We are recommending agents to home sellers every day and we receive glowing reports of how our agents helped them at a substantial savings.  These savings usually result in thousands of dollars saved by the seller.

Ready to Sell Your Home?

If you are ready to sell your home and you are serious about listing your property, give our free online platform a try at ListingBidder.com.  There is no obligation to list your property, no obligation to take any bid or select any agent, no obligation to sell your property.  IT'S FREE!  IT'S SAFE!  IT'S FAST!  IT'S LOCAL!

Robert, COO-ListingBidder.com

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