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Looking for a Low Real Estate Commission Rate Fee?

April 10, 2018

Robert Hulet

April 10, 2018

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Selling Your Home?

Let's say you want to list your home and your home has an estimated value of $500,000.  Knowing the standard real estate commission rate is around 6%, it often times is hard to believe you will be paying $30,000 to sell your home.  We understand that sometimes you are just looking for a low real estate commission rate fee for a full-time real estate agent.  Many agents will say they are worth the full standard commission rate with 7 out of 10 sellers often working with the first agent they interview and often at the full commission rate of 6%.  BUT WAIT!!!!  Wouldn't it seem prudent to see what other top agents are charging and even better... let some of the top agents compete for your business.

Low Commission Rate for Home Selling

The U.S. and Canada both value the free-market on just about everything else.  Why not explore this free-market concept when it comes to real estate agent commission fees?  Wouldn't it be worth 5 minutes of your time to see if a couple of realtors near you would be willing to bid a lower commission rate for sellling your home.  Better yet, wouldn't it be great if an independent, third party vetted these Realtors to get the very best agents?  ...and then had them bid their real estate commission fee for selling your property?  REAL ESTATE COMMISSION FEES are NEGOTIABLE!  We get it.  Sometimes it is difficult to discuss the amount of money your agent will be making off of you.  Instead, let someone else handle the negotiations (for free)!

Top Realtors Who are Low Commission Real Estate Agents 

At ListingBidder.com you can find a highly-recommended, high-qualified, full-service, local agent near you (possibly in your neighborhood) who will lower their real estate commission fees.  Why will they do this?  Well, ListingBidders.com processes a lot transactions for home sellers and thus the Realtors are gladly willing to discount their real estate commission rate to get more of the ListingBidder business.  Think about it.  A Realtor doesn't have to advertise or spend money marketing to get listings through ListingBidder.  All they have to do is discount their fee which means big SAVINGS FOR YOU, the property seller!

Real Estate Commission Calculation

Even if you save only 1% on your real estate commission rate, that would save you $5,000 on the sale of your $500,000 home.  And most of all, the service is FREE without any obligation; no obligation to list your property, no obligation to select any commission rate bid, no obligation to select any realtor, and no obligation to sell your property.  If you don't like the bids, you are free to select any other Realtor on your own.  There is only upside for the Seller!

Try ListingBidder and Lower your Property Selling Fees

If you wish to sell your home and are ready to find a top agent with a low real estate commission rate fee, try ListingBidder.com and see your savings in less than 24 hours.  That is our commitment.  We have over a thousand agents throughout the U.S. and Canada ready to save you money on real estate commission fees.  These Realtors are top Agents and most are broker/owners who are committed to service!

We wish you the best with the sale of your home and we hope you give us a try @ ListingBidder.com!

-The ListingBidder Team 

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