Selling Your Home?

Selling Your Home?

Need to find a local Agent with a competitive real estate commission fee?

Need to find a local Agent with a competitive real estate commission fee?

We have highly qualified, local Agents in all 50 States, plus Canada!

We have highly qualified, local Agents in all 50 States, plus Canada!

How does ListingBidder save you money?

Why ListingBidder?

It's Free
It's FREE!

NO Fees, NO Obligation… Ever!

It's Safe
It's SAFE!

You will only be contacted by Agents you authorize.

It's Fast
It's FAST!

You will know your SAVINGS in just 1 DAY!

It's Local

We source highly recommended Agents with a solid track record in YOUR neighborhood!

  • No Fees to Seller
  • No Obligation to Sell your Property
  • No Obligation to Select the Lowest (or any) Bid
  • No Obligation to Select any Agent
  • Private Bidding Process
  • Your Privacy is Protected
  • You will only be contacted by Agents you Authorize

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Home Owners

  • question_answerQ: Are there any hidden fees the seller must pay either now or at the close of escrow for using ListingBidder?
    A: NO! This commission rate bidding service is completely FREE to the Seller/Property Owner.
  • question_answerQ: How long does it take before I see real estate agents' commission rate bids?
    A: All Agents have 24 hours to post their bids.
  • question_answerQ: What is to prevent an agent from trying to contact me directly outside of
    A: ListingBidder respects your privacy. We do not display your property's street address number on the agent's dashboard.
  • question_answerQ: If I am not happy with the commission rate bids, can I still list my property with an agent outside of
    A: There is no obligation to the Seller whatsoever. At any time, you may list your property with any agent you may choose, with no obligation to ListingBidder.

Real Estate Agents

  • question_answerQ: What happens if I make a mistake on my bid, or change my mind? Can I cancel my bid?
    YES! As long as the Seller has not already selected you, you may cancel your Bid at any time.
  • question_answerQ: I had the lowest commission rate bid; why didn't the seller pick me?
    A: The ListingBidder process allows the Seller to make a complete evaluation of their prospective Agent; while the commission rate you bid is important, there are other factors such as your marketing proposal, the length of your proposed Listing Agreement, as well as the reviews and ratings provided by your previous clients.
  • question_answerQ: Why don't you show us a picture of the property or give us the exact address?
    A: The ListingBidder process is structured as a private auction, where the Seller enjoys the luxury of reviewing the various bids, marketing plans and Agent ratings at their own pace, and in complete privacy. To ensure our Sellers' privacy, we intentionally withhold certain identifying information.
  • question_answerQ: Will I be competing with Agents from across the Country?
    A: NO. The ListingBidder process is structured to provide the Seller with access to local Agents; our secret algorithm generates a relevant Geo-Zone within which local Agents are invited to bid on particular Listings.

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ListingBidder Customer
Steve F.
"Highly Recommended..."

Great way to find a realtor and get a realtor bid. I highly recommend ListingBidder to anyone selling real estate and negotiating realtor commissions to get a lower competitive realtor fee.

ListingBidder Customer
"100% Satisfied..."

I think everyone is curious what the average real estate commission rate is in their town. That is how I was here in Columbus. With ListingBidder I feel I got lower than average realtor fees!

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